In the Beginning….

Welcome to “Time to Live Creatively”, the place where we discuss art and healing.  When we think about art and healing it’s common to think about illness.  However, I’ve been speaking with people who have endured many different life stressors, and through art, they have overcome great odds.  These individuals, artists, are using creativity to express themselves, sharing their story with the world.

When I began this journey, over twenty years ago, I channeled my energy around illness.  After I finished my dissertation on art and healing the artists, even though all facing chronic and life-threatening illnesses, spoke about other hurdles they used art to tell their life story.  They created visual autobiographies to share with the world.

As I continue my pilgrimage looking at how art influences our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives; the evolution of the visual story becomes more prevalent each and every day.  I hope you experience how the creative energy in your life serves to create a sense of calm and peace.  I hope your creative experiences open your eyes, your consciousness, and your spirit to the breadth of possibility in the world.

I would like to invite you to visit this creative sacred space as we explore the impact of art and creativity on our lives and makes us whole!


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