Infusion of Energy

We’re always looking for those moments and experiences that provide us with a jolt of inspiration. We create stories every day that we’re on this planet, and look to tell those stories over and over again. Our stories intersect and create beautiful unions. These unions provide the foundation for many of our relationships, and contribute to the healing power of stories.

Kevin Kelly states, “The act of creation is beyond feelings and thoughts. It unites us with the fundamental creative energy of the universe and enlivens us.” I love the idea that this energy enlivens us because it makes reference to an awakening. The awakening that we’re all creative beings and creative expression propels us forward in our quest for health and healing.

It’s amazing how many people feel they lack a sense of creativity. We’ve been conditioned to believe that creativity is only for the fine artist, the accomplished musician, or the Tony Award winning actor. The truth is, creativity occurs each and every time we find a solution to a problem. Creativity occurs when you select a vase you love and fill it with your favorite flower. Creativity occurs when a computer scientist creates code. We’re not limited to what constitutes creativity. We do need to unleash our creative potential so it can mingle with all the other creative energy released into the universe by others.

Creativity can be difficult to contain. It often oozes out of our pores without us even knowing it’s happening. If you look at my notebooks from school you’ll see lots of doodles. I like the freedom of taking different color pens and scribbling around a quote by Plato, Madeline Albright, or Ghandi. There’s a amusing juxtaposition between the words of wisdom provided by these notable personalities, and the unrelated illustrations. When I doodle I’m in the moment. I experiencing a sense of flow and that promotes my creative energy.

Where do you notice your creative energy surfacing? Share how your creative energy is released into the universe in the comments section below. For more information on health and healing visit,


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