Life, Like Art, Is All About Interpretation

We all have individual tastes and preferences. When we view art, we filter the image through a lens that we’ve created over a lifetime. That lens is made up of experiences that shape our opinions, beliefs, and actions. Without this lens, our lives would randomly be assigned meaning, and that would create confusion and despair.

One of the things I’m appreciative of is the increase in public art. Recently, on my trip to Houston, I came a cross a multitude of sculptures. These public works of art were commissioned to share stories and create places in the city to experience creative expression.

When I look at the camera roll on my phone I’m amazed at the number of pictures I have of sculptures in various cities. I’m in awe of sculptors.   I love the size and scope of sculpture. I’m dazzled by the commitment a sculptor makes to each piece of art, not only in design, but also in size, and materials used, that to me is overwhelming.

The opportunity to interpret art allows us to create stories. Ever do an exercise where there is a group of people and you all look at the same piece of art and then each writes a story? Does every person create the same story? Of course not, because we’re individuals and we’ve all lived unique lives. We’re able to learn about the poignant facets of someone’s life based on their interpretation of the art. We may find hidden secrets about the person’s life experience based on their interpretation or we may find that we’ve traveled similar paths.

Interpreting art allows us to create our own world. It provides a visual context for our lived experiences. When we interpret pieces of art we are creating art. Our interpretation is our own artist expression. It’s soul driven. It allows us to share our voices.

Go out and create a world full of interpretation and let us see who you are!!!!

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