Fascination…A Critical Ingredient In Your Artist Toolbox

What fascinates you? Are you easily fascinated? I hadn’t quite thought about how fascination plays in my own creative endeavors until yesterday while reading John Butman’s book Breaking Out. Butman says, “If you don’t fascinate yourself, you cannot fascinate others.” That’s a powerful statement, and I hope you sit and ponder this for a while. How fascinated you are can impact your reach in the world.

I keep notebooks full of things that fascinate me. It may be a picture, a quote, or a story. Each of these fascinating tidbits fuels my creative passion. They are the catalyst for everything I do creatively. My fascinations allow me to keep asking questions fueling the fire for my own art and healing pilgrimage. So how does this translate to fascinating others?

How fascinated you are with your work shows in the work. There is a depth to the work no matter the medium. It shares a part of you with the world that shows your vulnerability and truth. Your fascination emphasizes what’s important to you and that helps connect you with an audience, or provides a safe environment for others to share their true selves. Fascination like creativity is contagious.

Another important factor in being fascinated is your desire to learn. I currently have five books on textile art and surface design I checked out of the library. I’m always looking for new things to try because I’m fascinated by the medium. I want to share that with others recruiting others to try textile art, or simply to engage in their own form of fascinating creative expression.

Fascination provides a sense of wonder. The kind of wonder we often experienced as a child and look to recreate each and every time we approach our art. This fascination intrigues others who observe you and entices them to engage in their own adventure with fascination.

How will you be fascinated today? What can you do to invoke fascination?

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