Isn’t Joy the Most Healing Aspect of Art?

When we create we experience moments of bliss. Our creative moments bring us a sense of peace and wonder. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we can spot that bliss in others when we bear witness to art. This sense of beauty is contagious and lifts our spirit, something needed as we move through the daily grind we call life.

I had one of those “blissful” moments when I watched a performance of the Down Syndrome Association of Houston Pantomime Group. This group of performers shared their talent with a ballroom full at the Annual Global Alliance for Arts for Arts and Health conference.


The music started and these pantomime artists performed with a recorded soundtrack. Their moves were rhythmic. Their interpretation of the music was spirited. The commitment to their art was undeniable. There were moments in the performance when each of the performers was “in the zone”. They were so present, physically, emotionally, and for me spiritually. Their bliss was infectious.

It would be easy to feel sad or sorry for these performers living with Down Syndrome, but they were so in the moment that the only thing that mattered was the performance. Their level of bliss transcended their life situation and elevated them to being catalysts for joy!

Look for those opportunities to be in the presence of bliss! Utilize those moments of bliss to fuel your creative energies and in turn, share your bliss with others!

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