How Regular Are You?

They say that practice makes perfect. I don’t know about perfect, but practice certainly makes us better. There’s an old adage that asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?   The answer is practice, practice, and practice. It’s said we require doing something for 10,000 hours to achieve mastery. Ten thousand hours makes you quite regular.

I find that my creativity flows the more time I spend in my studio. Fortunately, I have more than one avenue for creative expression so my pump is continually primed. One of the ways to stay regular is to continue to learn. I spend lots of time browsing the library shelves looking for books that may prompt me to do something new.

The more opportunities I give myself to create means I continue my healing journey through ultimate self-expression. I can tell a story, my story, any story in different ways. I give myself the gift of telling a story in many different art forms: art quilting, knitting, and writing.

When I was writing my dissertation on Art and Healing, I came across an artist, Martha Hall, a book artist that utilized interesting materials to tell her story. She used her appointment cards to create a book to tell her illness story. It was unique and innovative. It was poignant. It allowed her to turn her mess into her message. It was creative, informative, and expressive.

How will you create regularity in your artistic and healing ventures? What inspires you to engage in ultimate self-expression?

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