Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I’m a textile artist. I started my textile life as a traditional quilter and found art quilting about 10 years ago. When I was introduced to art quilts I had found my oasis in the artist desert. I was looking for a way to express myself and using patterns in books wasn’t making the impact I wanted to make. I was told about an art quilt guild and found my home, both artistically and in my heart.

As I continue my personal art and healing journey I’m always drawn to new ways of ultimate self-expression. I’m an avid reader so books are always around. I’ve seen posts about book art, but wasn’t really sure what that entailed or how I would incorporate this art form into my art and healing regimen. Being unfamiliar with book art I had to find a source that would provide guidance, support, and education.

My Google search gave me a link to the Book Arts League. I was fortunate that a beginner’s class was just four days away, so I signed up. I like to take classes because I want to understand the process. I’m not looking at how to make incredible works or art until I grasp the steps. I’m all about the process and the instructor was very process driven….love that!

Why try and learn another art form? I find that the more ways we have to express ourselves, the more complete our narrative becomes. By creating in different art forms we may tap into areas of our subconscious that can only be accessed through a new pathway. Giving yourself the gift of new mediums makes you think different, acts as a catalyst for creativity, and provides a new opportunity for fun.

For me, the book arts allow me to create things in multiple sizes. It gives me the opportunity to create something small that I can carry with me wherever I go. I can create a work of art that serves as reminder to be present, to think creatively, and to commune with spirit. Working in another medium gives me new avenues to pursue in my textile art and that’s crucial to my never ending love of textiles.


What new things are you going to learn on your art and healing journey? How will this translate to our narrative? How will it serve you as you move through the challenges life presents?

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