Art Supply Store…Pharmacy for the Soul

Do you have a favorite place to buy art supplies? Do you look forward to a catalog from your favorite online art store? Do you count the days until the next issue of your favorite art magazine appears on the bookstore shelves because you know you’ll see all the ads for supplies and classes? I know I definitely love spending time in an art supply store because it’s filled with possibility. It’s better than an adult playground; it’s a pharmacy for my soul.

The art supply store not only has the things I need, but has the things I want. It provides me with a world of opportunity and possibility. You may be wondering what’s my diagnosis if I need a pharmacy for the soul. The truth is it doesn’t matter what the diagnosis, the art supplies give me the tools I need to express myself. It doesn’t matter if my ailment is physical, emotional, or spiritual, I can treat whatever is giving me cause for concern.

Remember that pharmacies don’t only carry medication. They carry vitamins and other health improvement products. The same is true for the art store/pharmacy for the soul; it provides you with resources to spark the healing response in the body. It gives you the oomph you need to get up and go. It energizes you! It arouses your senses and is the springboard for every story you want or need to tell.

Creating art for healing is one of the few times that self-diagnosis may be acceptable. If you didn’t go to medical or pharmacy school, try to avoid self-diagnosis. However, if you’re in tune with your emotions or spiritual self, then you may have enough insight to know what ails you. These are the moments when finding just the right color of paint, markers, texture of paper or journal is the invitation for healing.

Although this may be true, art may not heal everything. If you feel you’re in need of support or guidance consider contacting a therapist, coach, or spiritual director to augment your artistic expression. Utilize everything available to you on your health and healing pilgrimage.


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