Language with a Twist

Art is a language. We find a medium we love and explore it every chance we get. We take classes, buy magazines (bought two yesterday), and follow notable artists both past and present. We marvel at the work posted on social media sites, visit museums, and dream about making art. Art is as important as oxygen because it’s life affirming!

I find myself having a thought and then going on an adventure to see where it takes me. Yesterday I was listening to the Broadway channel on Sirius XM radio. There was an interview with a British actress and I started to think about accents. I remember everyone in high school practicing their best British accents as we all prepared for our My Fair Lady auditions. It wasn’t only about proper spoken British, but cockney as well.

Let’s take a journey. Let’s think about how we can translate an accent to our art. It’s pretty easy if you think about it and it can bring huge rewards not to mention a lot of fun. It just means that you take your medium and change things up a bit. If you’re a jazz singer perhaps you try your hand at singing gospel or opera. If you’re an oil painter perhaps you explore watercolor. I’m a textile artist and I not only create textile art, but I knit using another form of fiber, an accent so to speak. If you’re a short story writer try your hand at poetry.

Trying on an accent keeps the integrity of your voice but gives it a fresh face. It allows you to play without being boxed in and opens you to new possibilities. Creating with an accent may give you the clues you need to unlock your healing potential. The stronger your voice the greater your healing.

What accent will you try today? Who knows, you may even find a new playground for your creative talents!

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