Balancing Information and Imagination

We all face adversity at one time or another in our lives. Our natural inclination is to reach for our smart phone or computer and search on Google seeking answers. We’ve been conditioned to seek information to solve problems instead of accessing our imagination.

What would it mean to access your imagination? It means you connect with the creative right side of your brain. You access inventive ways of problem solving. When you activate your imagination you are open to any and all possibilities. You avail yourself of potential alternatives for each question you’re asking.

Art personifies imagination. What if you were to ask a question and then create a work of process art? Process art is not about design or perspective, but a reflection of you soul in the moment. It’s like taking a snapshot of your soul affording you a clear representation of where you’re headed on your quest.

Information is important when seeking resolution to life’s questions. However, its impact is exponentially magnified when coupled with imagination. It’s imperative that we combine information and imagination because one informs the other. Our imagination gives rise to a sense of freedom. Freedom is crucial when making tough decisions in life because it provides you with a feeling of control in a world that may seem out of control.

Allowing your imagination to flourish when faced with challenges gives those negative thoughts and negative energy an escape hatch to exit your being. When we rid ourselves of negative thoughts and negative energy we ignite our immune systems giving us the boost we need when facing any challenge, in particular the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness.

Information and imagination are two sides of the same coin. Information often influences imagination. Information is the black and white outline and imagination is the color added to the pictures of our lives. When the two combine we get a more holistic view of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

How will your attainment of information influence your imagination or vise versa? What will the dance between the two look like? How will adapting imagination as part of your solution seeking strategies impact your life?

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