Make Your Mark

I doodle! I love to scribble little designs in notebooks, on post-its, even grocery lists. One of my favorite things is buy packages of colored pens and I’ll write in different colors. I don’t do this with any design, more to differentiate between thought processes. If I’m taking notes I change colors every time I start reading a new book.

As a textile artist I make marks whenever I create. I make marks with my sewing machine and by hand, each time the mark is intentional. I work with a heightened level of consciousness. When making marks I feel the life force course through my veins affirming life!

How important is mark making? According to Anne Lamott, noted author and speaker, mark making is critical for self-expression. It is the root of our message, and provides us with a way to pray without speaking. As an author, Lamott’s recommendation is that you write a sentence every day. It’s this level of commitment and continuity that will expand your world. It doesn’t matter what your medium is, making a mark on a daily basis is important for your health and well being.

One of the things about mark making is that it’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. The more you make your mark, the more you’ll want to make your mark. You’ll find that the more you engage in mark making, the more expressive each one becomes. You’ll see a story taking form; your story! It is the incentive we all need to continue on our journey to ultimate self-expression.

The marks we make eventually get left behind as evidence of our body, mind, and spirit and its impact on the world. The mark is like those doing genealogy accept that the family tree is really your tree of life. It represents all your experiences, wisdom, and philosophies.

Don’t be afraid to make your mark on the world. We need what you have to offer to heal our souls and the Universe!

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