I Think My Cat Wants to be an Artist!

I have two cats. They’re both black, in fact their brothers. We adopted them when they were nine weeks old and they are very funny to watch, as you so well know. They have very different bodies and personalities. One of the boys (Zedd) walks and looks like a lion; the other (Dauby) prowls and is sleek like a panther. If I’m in my studio they will come in and browse, look out the window, and should a piece of fabric be lying on the floor that becomes their spot.

Dauby has a greater desire to be in the studio. I have a cat that loves polyester. Dauby doesn’t necessarily want to be an artist, at least I don’t think he does, but he does have a fascination with polyester. He doesn’t want to play with the pieces of polyester, nor sleep on it for comfort, or even create with it; he wants to eat it! Yes, I have a cat that likes to eat polyester.

He comes into the studio and sniffs it out. He will dig deep to find a piece of polyester that he can chew. I’m not sure why it’s so appealing, I personally find cotton fabric much easier to chew and softer on the tongue. Fortunately for all you cat police, he doesn’t swallow it, he just chews it and leaves it around the house.

Yesterday his creative energies must have been flowing. I was sewing and I have a small box of bobbins wound and ready to use. I had left the room for a moment and when I returned Dauby was trying to pick something up with his mouth. If you have ever owned a cat you know that’s not a good sign. I called to him and he took off like a bolt of lightning (remember he’s the panther). I chased him like a good dad would and finally he realized he better drop the goods and run.

When I reached the top of the stairs I found a bobbin with bright orange thread sitting there, abandoned by the thief. Once again I have a renewed sense of hope that my cat really wants to be a textile artist, but something in the back of my mind makes me wonder.

We all have those creative urges and need to express ourselves. I can think of better ways than chewing on polyester, what will you do today to express yourself?


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