Creating Your Own Visual Self-Help Manual

There are entire sections of every bookstore devoted to self-help. We’ve become a self-help culture often drowning in offers that will lead you to freedom, peace, and liberation. I get self-help. At one time in my life I was probably the king of self-help with bookshelves filled with ways to decrease anger, increase prosperity, resolve conflict, communicate better, and a host of other issues. I’ve attended more lectures and conferences than I can count because I find being in the experience more helpful, but as I’ve learned; what you learn only works if you work it.

We’re an intellectual culture. We are often looking for the secret password, the magic wand, or some other totem to guide us to personal freedom, providing us with the keys to the kingdom. We mull things over in minds over and over causing sleepless nights and irritability. What if you could see your thoughts and feelings? How would you seek peace if you had new ways, creative ways of inspiration for living the life you want and deserve?

Eileen Caddy shared, “Cease trying to work everything out with our mind. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be revelation.” Abandoning the intellectual for the experiential can be frightening as well as liberating. It can reveal, much like dream work, hidden clues from you unconscious that want to be revealed to aid you in living a full life.

I love working in a series when I create art. It’s as if each piece of art is a chapter of the whole. It allows me to express fully and idea or experience. It allows me to refer back to these works to relive something pleasurable or see how I worked out a challenge from earlier in my life through the creative process. My work becomes my own self-help manual. It elevates my senses and creates sparks that I follow till they land in the next work of art.

Create your own self-help manual because it’s specific to you. It doesn’t deal in generalities. It is not a hit or miss solution because it comes from deep in your soul. It is time to live creatively!


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