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Filtration and Creativity

We’re taught to filter our thoughts and decisions. At times we’re asked to filter our truth because it’s too painful for those around us to tolerate. Filtration is great when it takes out impurities that will harm us, but what does it do to our psyche? Any time that we filter our lives we lose a part of our story. I think about filtering things when I cook, what’s left in the filter is the pulp, the grounds, the pieces that can’t make it through the strainer creating a filtered product. Unfortunately we throw those captured parts away, but if we do that in life what are we throwing away?

Creativity is a magnificent thing and brings joy to our lives. It provides us with an outlet for stress. Creativity, for many, is the path to emotional and spiritual freedom. When we express ourselves, unfiltered, we are uncovering hidden parts of our psyche. It’s similar to dreaming and unlocking the message of the unconscious. Our creative expression can serve as a map guiding us to further questions expanding our quest for healing and self-knowing.

The creative process can be spontaneous or guided. It can be for relaxation, healing, or simply fun. When we dedicate time to create we give ourselves the space to take a deep breath and when we exhale what results is an infusion of our soul into our art. Unfiltered creativity is honest and in a world that asks us to be “polite”, “non-abrasive”, or even “untruthful” having a place to be true to yourself is imperative to health and healing.

Our creativity is sacred. It’s a glimpse of what’s possible. What we create is a mirror to our soul. It may challenge us to dig deeper, uncover what lies beneath what’s visible or audible, or simply play like you did as a child and experience joy.

Don’t filter your creative self. Allow it to be free! Allow it to be real! Allow it to heal you!!

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Creativity Throws Us Curve Balls

Creativity is the path to ultimate self-expression. It allows us to release hints about our true nature. It allows us to leave a breadcrumb trail from the soul out into the world, giving us the path to return at any time. How we leave that trail varies, but no matter how we do it, we’re given the gifts that come with expressing the souls true nature.

The title of the post, “Creativity Throws Us Curve Balls” was a quote from my dissertation adviser. I was in the dissertation process when I dropped out of sight. I didn’t answer her emails and it was a year before I resurfaced. I was quite apologetic and she was compassionate in her response. She was clear that creativity wasn’t on a timetable. The creative process isn’t prisoner to structure, but a free spirit. The curve ball comes in when the negative self-talk appears and confuses us creating a blockage of creativity’s natural flow.

Is it possible that those who have not explored their creative process have an advantage when they are called to create? Many art and healing programs utilize artists-in-residence. These artists have been exploring their art personally and professionally for years. They go to a patient’s bedside and potentially, for the first, time, come in contact with a “creativity virgin”. This person is being exposed to the act of creating in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. They can explore without an agenda and revel in the joy of the creative process.

Creativity allows us to enter a state of flow. When we are given the space to create we can expand our self-knowing, our state of consciousness, and share our unspoken stories. The more we create, the more breadcrumbs we leave making marks on the Universe.   As my dissertation adviser shared with me, creativity doesn’t follow a straight line, but a fluid exploration of the soul. Giving yourself the freedom to create enhances your journey to health and healing.

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