Color Me Well

I love color! I love exploring color, playing with color, and using color. I’m drawn to color in all my environments. Color has the power to invite us to play, punctuates parts of our story, and expresses our subconscious world. The wonderful thing about color is it can speak louder than words!

Last week I taught a color theory class to quilters. Learning about color theory gives our art more definition, creates work that is aesthetically pleasing, and gives hints about our likes and dislikes. Understanding color gives you the tools to express yourself more fully. When you understand color you understand the underpinnings of art. It’s the equivalent of a writer looking for just the right word when sharing their world.

Ever notice when you’re out in the world the colors establishments use? Restaurants use colors that stimulate your appetite. Spas use colors that calms and soothe. We all have colors that make us think, feel, and express. They can articulate our souls message.

When do you notice color? What is it about color that grips you? What do you do once color captures your vision, your mission, and your means of self-expression? I’m very sensitive to color and pattern. I see a tie, a dress, or a mural and I’m captivated by the power of color. It’s as if I have this file draw in my brain and color triggers a memory, a thought, or even a piece of art. What does art do for you?

Facing adversity such as a chronic or life-threatening illness can lead us with the need to release those thoughts holding us back on our health and healing journey. Color is one way that we can allow those thoughts to leave our body by transferring them to a canvas, a blank piece of paper, or by using fiber. Color can be the dangling carrot that keeps you moving in the direction of ultimate self-expression service as a catalyst for your immune system.

How will you use color today to heal your body, mind, and spirit? I’d love to see your color story!