If You Meet Your Inner Artist on the Road….

What if you met your inner artist on your journey? Would you recognize him or her? Would you be attracted to him or her? What is it that you would like to ask your inner artist? Fortunately you do get to meet your inner artist, each and every time you create!

When you create you are reintroduced to parts of yourself that may have been in hiding. You may reconnect with special experiences, moving moments, or provocative questions. Your ability to greet these aspects of yourself provides you with motivation, inspiration, and the desire to share your story. Symbols, part of the creative process, are parts of our inner tickle file bringing us back to those recurring themes.

How will you nurture your inner artist? Many working artists look for patrons of the arts to help support them as they strive to continue their pursuit of creating art. You are patron for your inner artist.   Whenever you feel inspired you feed your inner artist. When you ask a question you feed your inner artist. Your story is all your inner artist needs to fulfill its destiny.

Are you willing to meet your inner artist for a blind date? Many of us don’t believe we’re creative and unfortunately there is no online dating service to link you up with your inner artist. It’s important to provide a safe space for your inner artist to bloom. He or she is patient. Your inner artist is compassionate and will give you the space you need until you’re ready to express yourself through visual arts, writing, dancing, or music to name a few.

When you notice what you’re attracted to you are getting acquainted with your inner artist. Stop for a moment when you feel your body sway to the music. Stop for a moment when you begin humming a favorite tune. Stop for a moment when you notice magnificent architecture or tagging on the wall of a building. Those moments are little whispers from your inner artist asking you to pay attention.

Take your inner artist on a date and begin telling your story in new and creative ways!

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