Finding Your Tribe

We all have a need to belong. Our affiliations are not only social, but they provide us with a context for our lives. The tribe is often an extension of us. The groups are projections of our essence and often, in these groups, we seek parts of ourselves we feel we’re missing. As artists we want to belong, but in a culture of isolation that’s often difficult.

I was watching the HBO documentary about Robert DeNiro Sr., a painter who never felt like he belonged. He struggled with many things, but a huge struggle was his self-exclusionary nature. He didn’t like art dealers despite his success with people such as Peggy Guggenheim. His self-imposed exile was a struggle and caused tremendous pain. He left a set of journals that his son, Robert DeNiro (the actor) read from throughout the documentary.

The art community can be filled with cliques and breaking in can be very difficult.   However, the act of creation, connecting with your gift, and thanking the divine is healing. It can lessen your feeling of loneliness and provide you with an outlet for continuing your narrative.

When you’re creative expression is authentic, you will attract those who are inspired by your work or who have been triggered by your work. The work will draw those who need to see it if and when you show it to the world. The healing gift of your voice not only allows you to break out in the art world, but in other arenas of your life.

It doesn’t matter the challenge you’re facing, having a tribe where you feel connected to something bigger than yourself is healing. Knowing there are people who feel the same way you do about healing and creativity is monumental. It affirms your passion and ignites imagination.

Find your tribe and let the healing magic begin!