The Collages We Create

Collage as an art form has taken the world by storm. There are workshops, books, and supplies to support you in creating your personal story through collage. So what is a collage? Collage is the ultimate Gestalt. It is an art form where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The great part of collage is the process. Gathering the components that will be part of your collage is part of the art. Each piece you collect says something about you.   It reveals your hopes, dreams, and desires. The creation of the collage creates a sense of vulnerability. Why does it create vulnerability? Because we are humans are a walking, breathing collage.

The collage process is our way of transferring our collage of life to an art medium. It can provide you with the means to create an ongoing story. It’s a great medium for those who are more visually inclined instead of journal writing. It can be a mix of pictures and words, colors and shapes, or anything else that catches your eye.

Collage is great because it doesn’t need to follow the traditional rules of what makes great art. We’re not worried about composition and perspective. The only thing that’s important in collage is that you like it and you feel it represents the moment in time, in your life, you’re trying to create.

Another part of collage is that it doesn’t take someone we would traditionally call “talented” to make create something meaningful. If we’re all living collages, all we’re doing is transferring that experience so others can see you in a different way. The other thing is that collage can be like dream work, capturing your subconscious stories in a 2D format.

How can you tell your story through collage? It doesn’t matter if the work is big or small, start collecting components, have fun and tell your story!

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