Our Relationships with Books and Authors

I love to read because I learn and get transported to environments I could have only dreamed. I’m definitely one of those folks who finds and author and reads many of that author’s works, like many of you, why mess with success. We read multiple books by the same author, barring a series, because we develop a connection to the author and the author’s style of writing.

This week on my quest to find silk fabric, I was in the car listening to Sirius XM Radio. I like to listen to John Nash and Tim Bennett’s show, “The Focus Group.” This week they were interviewing Erin McHugh, author of, “Like My Mother Always Said.” The three were discussing McHugh’s new book, but that evolved into a discussion of favorite books and why they leave such an impression on our minds and our souls.

John Nash discussed one of his favorite authors who died just after his last work was published. Nash talked about his reluctance to read this book because once it was finished he knew there wouldn’t be any additional books coming down the pike. His statement punctuates the dynamic impression this author made on Nash. It’s a powerful statement about the impact that reading can have on our lives. It also discusses how the stories of others are things we rely on for comfort and enjoyment.

We develop these relationships with authors without them knowing. We have these secret relationships and feel a connection without ever meeting (in most cases) these people in person. We impact others lives without our knowledge. How do you think you impact others with your creative endeavors? What do you like to create that you send into the world to find its own unique place to land?

I’d love to hear about your connection to authors that have impacted your life. Share you experiences in the comments section below and let’s celebrate the creative endeavors of those authors we love to read. For more information about living life following the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness go to http://www.survivingstrong.com