Cyndi Lauper Has Nothing on Us!

We’re all familiar with Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, a huge hit. It was an anthem for many, shooting Lauper to the top of the charts. But it was her moving song True Colors that stopped many of us in our tracks. A song so meaningful, thought provoking, and honest inspired many to begin an inward journey.

As artists we’re blessed to have our “true colors” revealed regularly. Our art is the doorway to our soul. It allows us to tap into the deepest emotions, spiritual questions, and unconscious processes. It allows us to reveal happy, sad, and surprised. It challenges us to be authentic and honest because everything we create is beautiful. It’s a reflection of our soul, the most gorgeous creation of all.

Revealing our “true colors” inspires others to show themselves. It blazes a trail for others to show their “true selves”. Can you think of anything more healing both personally and universally than open and honest self-expression? The opportunity to write a song, write a poem, perform a monologue, paint a painting, chisel a sculpture or sew a quilt (just to name a few) adds to our collective consciousness. It is like making a deposit in our collective bank building our resources as spiritual beings having a human experience.

In a world where many feel invisible, ultimate self-expression through art allows us to be seen, heard, and experienced. Our “true colors” are invitations to connection and that’s a catalyst for our immune systems. Our ability and willingness to reveal ourselves through art is freeing. It’s a breath of fresh air for the body, mind, and spirit.

I hope we all give a nod to Cyndi Lauper for providing a platform for self-acceptance. The song True Colors gives us the encouragement and support to put our art, our lives, and our truth out for all to see!

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